Applications Overview

The rfXcel Traceability System™ (rTS) unifies all applications into a single, fully integrated platform to manage all track and trace functionality.  rTS consists of distinct applications that can be purchased as one seamless system or separately as stand-alone applications, depending on your needs.

rTS is the industry’s most complete and flexible track and trace solution to help manufacturers, distributors, and dispensers maximize value and efficiency from enhanced supply chain visibility.  rTS can track the origin of ingredients, the manufacturing of finished goods, dispensing  to the patient and everything in between.  rTS can also provide additional benefits, serving as an inventory management, dispense management and product reorder management system for trading partners.

rTS consists of the following applications:


Comprehensive DSCSA and global compliance management solutions in one integrated platform to meet the most complex regulations.

The Compliance application consists of three different modules:

US DSCSA Compliance

rfXcel SNAP – US DSCSA Compliance for Dispensers

Global Compliance




Create, manage and allocate unlimited serial numbers in any ERP environment with ease to gain enhanced visibility and control of product throughout the supply chain.  Track and manage data hierarchies, from the pallet down to the item.  Allocate serial numbers across global trading partners.



Powerful product traceability solution for pharmaceutical manufacturers to track and trace products across their supply chains and distribution channels. Get visibility and insight up and down the supply chain by tracking both ingredients and finished goods.  Improve business efficiency, manage inventory and theft, eliminate channel diversion, and improve patient safety.

The Traceability application consists of two modules:

rfXcel Finished Goods Traceability™ (rFGT) Application

rfXcel Ingredients Traceability™ (rIT) Application

What sets rfXcel apart?