rfXchange – The Most Trusted Track and Trace Network

rfxchange as hubrfXchange™, rfXcel’s verified exchange network, is a trading platform providing plug and play integration of all trading partners through a single connection and is the backbone for ensuring connectivity and seamless data exchange among trading partners in the life sciences space.  rfXchange™ delivers unprecedented data accuracy and offers “point and click” connections for trading partners up and down the supply chain.

Trust your data

rfXchange™ is used by tens of thousands of trading partners and clinics daily to share compliance and traceability information.  rfXchange™ is also used by many of the largest wholesalers and retailers, who source product from the majority of pharmaceutical manufacturers.

  • The unique event verification technology within rfXchange™ addresses the most critical issue in trading partner integration: data accuracy.
  • Other network exchanges promise seamless connectivity, only to find inaccurate and unverified data passing between trading partners.
  • rfXchange™ ensures data passed on the network is validated, verified and accurate, ensuring trading partners have data they can trust.

Instant access

Industry-leading flexibility lets each trading partner use their preferred communication protocol and data format with minimal effort. Plug and play capabilities provide instant connectivity to thousands of partners already sharing information on the network by natively handling the complexity arising from disparate data standards and communication protocols.

Seamless integration with all rfXcel applications

rfXchange™ works seamlessly with all rfXcel applications to ensure the highest data accuracy and information flows without hiccups, as well as to eliminate the redundancy of sharing information with trading partners, helping to save time, hassle and prevent costly data-entry errors.

Compliance made easy

Provide DSCSA and global compliance information to trading partners on rfXchange™, including the “Big Three” pharmaceutical distributors – McKesson, Cardinal Health, and Amerisource Bergen.

  • If you’re a wholesaler or distributor, you can easily receive DSCSA and other global compliance reports from, and produce compliant reports for, your downstream trading partners.

Collaboration in real time

rfXchange™ allows shared visibility and collaboration with your supply chain partners, interpreting and translating data from multiple formats in real time.  Best of all, there’s no programming or coding required – for you or your trading partners on the network!

Interoperability means no more connection and data headaches

rfXchange™ provides unified information exchange between heterogeneous sources, targets and applications that use disparate data formats via the rfXcel Exchange Server. Flexible mapping, translation and validation enables translation of any source and destination data structure, in any communication protocol, from any system.

rfXcel supports the latest industry data and communication standards, protocols and formats.

Supported data format standards include:

  • GS1 EPCIS, GS1 DPMS, HDMA ASN 856, XML, flat files (CSV), EDI, HL7, SAP IDoc, Excel and custom XML

Supported communication protocols include:


Insight with precision

An insightful  dashboard provides management, configuration, monitoring, and event tracking capabilities to view and troubleshoot all data flowing through rfXchange ™, ensuring higher data quality, better business insight, and support of audit and governance requirements.