rfXcel Web Portals

A unique and powerful feature of the rfXcel Traceability System™ is the rfXcel Web Portal. rfXcel Web Portals make interacting with the system easy, providing easy access for those partners who have no ability to exchange data electronically.

With rfXcel Web Portals, you can:

  • Securely connect with each of your trading partners through standard web portals, interpreting and translating data from multiple formats, giving interoperability and visibility to trading partners up and down the supply chain.
  • All your trading partners need is an Internet connection to access their specific web portal containing only the information and data you provide.
  • The unique event verification technology embedded within the rfXcel Traceability System™ addresses the most critical issue in trading partner integration: data accuracy. Other network exchanges promise seamless connectivity, only to find inaccurate and unverified data passing between trading partners.  We ensure data passed to trading partners is validated, verified and accurate, ensuring trading partners have data they can trust.

You’re in control – determine who sees what information

rfXcel offers Web Portals for organizations that do not have the ability to provide data electronically and for fulfilling common tasks such as searching and viewing data online.

rfXcel Web Portals are web-based interfaces that leverage the power of rfXcel’s production-proven systems. rfXcel Web Portals can be accessed internally by the system owner as well as made available to external organizations, including trading partners, service providers, vendors and customers.

  • rfXcel Web Portals can be configured by the system owner for user-specific access to rfXcel Traceability System™ (rTS).
  • Each rfXcel Web Portal can provide different functionality and different access to information based on controls configured by the system owner that authorizes the use of the portals.

Gain a business advantage

Allowing all your trading partners to access critical data and information helps save time and reduce costly data errors, allowing you to gain a significant business advantage in a highly competitive market.

Web Portals are a critical tool in helping to manage your own data and information, as well as a way to help monitor your vendors, customers, service providers and dispensers’ events and transactions

Safe and secure

rfXcel supports the latest industry data and communication standards, protocols and formats.

Supported data format standards include:

  • GS1 EPCIS, GS1 DPMS, HDMA ASN 856, XML, flat files (CSV), EDI, HL7, SAP IDoc, Excel and custom XML.

Supported communication protocols include:


All users of rfXcel Web Portals have the capability to view, create, and manage events, transactions and data, depending on the data access given.

Easy access to data

Web Portals allow rfXcel customers (and rfXcel Traceability System™ (rTS) “owners”) to give their vendors and customers a unique and powerful way to enter, view and manage events, transactions and data. The portals are a critical tool for providing your vendors and customers the ability to perform tasks online when they do not have the ability to provide events, transactions and data through other online communication methodologies.

rfXcel Web Portals replace error-prone manual processes with real-time, online transactions.

Flexibility for multiple benefits

As a result of its power and flexibility, Web Portals deliver a host of benefits:

Improved Patient Safety

  • Minimize counterfeits
  • Dispense Management
  • Authentication of Product
  • Recall Management

Increased Revenue

  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • Decrease In Out of Stocks

Improved Patient Care

  • Dispense Management
  • EHR/EMR Integration

Decreased Costs

  • Automated Processes
  • Just In Time Inventory
  • Decommissioning Data
  • Reorder Management