One Solution for All Global Compliance

Compliance with global government regulations is getting complex.   Several countries around the globe have enacted laws to enhance patient safety, combat counterfeit drugs and curb theft, but all have different and diverse requirements.  Meeting current global regulations can be expensive, time consuming and disruptive, and keeping up with the regulatory roadmap for each country can be overwhelming.

We help take the pain and complexity out of complying with the varying regulations and reporting requirements from multiple countries.  The rfXcel Global Compliance Management (rCM Global) application allows manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to manage country-specific regulatory and compliance requirements, giving peace of mind and simplifying country-specific compliance needs through a single, private cloud-based compliance platform, all while connecting to all global supply partners and governments.

There’s no need to go it alone – rely on the experts at rfXcel to take the worry out of global compliance!

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Flexible architecture to ensure global compliance
Get peace of mind and reduce risk
You’re in total control
Minimize worry and hassle with a powerful, unified experience
Mobile flexibility improves patient safety
Save time with powerful search capabilities
Gain trust through verification
Automated alerts catch errors and exceptions before they become problems
Get insight with automated audit trails
Get peace of mind with reliable data
Exchange data with ease
Configurable reporting engine….to ensure you’re compliant
Visibility and control through serialization
Track and trace for better accuracy

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