Struggling with tracking a myriad of products throughout the supply chain?  While many countries (including the US) are passing regulations that require serialization of pharmaceutical products, the sheer volume of units and products can make serialization management challenging.

The rfXcel Serialization Processing™ (rSP) application creates, manages, allocates and stores large volumes of individual and hierarchical serial numbers and can integrate with, and complement, any existing ERP system. It is a scalable solution so it can easily support exponential increases in volume and provides visibility and control of products throughout the global supply chain to help protect from counterfeits and ultimately protect patients.

If you need a reliable and automated solution that can manage serial numbers with hierarchy, look no further than rfXcel!


Manage Global Serialization with Ease
Maintain control with EPCIS repository
GS1 compliant for peace of mind
Flexibility to meet your unique serialization needs
Manage hierarchies for enhanced visibility
Create and manage serial numbers your way
Gain confidence in your data
Powerful suite of applications to propel you ahead
Instant insight improves patient safety
Simple to use, yet powerful to get the job done
Powerful search helps save time
Gain trust through verification
You’re in Total Control

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