Serialization Features

Comprehensive Solution

Comprehensive, end-to-end serialization solution from a single application

Can be used as a stand-alone serialization solution

Seamless integration with every rfXcel application for a powerful suite of applications on a single platform

Create Serial Numbers

Generate in multiple formats: alpha and/or numeric or any custom format

Generate in multiple ranges – randomized, sequenced or any custom method

Allocate Serial Numbers

Allocate serial numbers to specific lines, an unlimited number of facilities, CMO’s and government entities globally

Manage Serial Numbers

Ensure uniqueness of serial numbers and their hierarchies, from the pallet down to the item-levelManage variety of statuses, including active, inactive, allocated, unallocated, commissioned and decommissioned

Search, Insight and Reporting

Powerful search and data query capabilities

All data stored in a central database and searchable format

Customized search queries and report generation

Bar Code Scan and Mobile App Functionality

Verify and authenticate serial numbers

View transaction history and chain of custody

Scans linear, 2D or 3D bar codes

Reads RFID tags

Communication Protocols


Data Format Standards

GS1 EPCIS, GS1 DPMS, HDMA ASN 856, XML, flat files (CSV), EDI, HL7, SAP IDoc, Excel and custom XML

Core System

Intuitive web-based application

Fully validatable system

Built on private cloud technology

Unique matching technology ensures all serial numbers are unique and prevents serial number overlap

Exchange information with trading partners on rfXchange™

Web portals to connect directly with trading partners

Distributed architecture allows satellite locations to continue operations when connectivity with the central repository is temporarily lost

ERP Flexibility

Can complement or “co-exist” with any ERP system, including SAP AII / OER deployments

“Plug-n-play” integration with existing ERP and other business systems

Can import serial numbers generated from an ERP system or external parties

EPCIS Repository

Full EPCIS repository – serial numbers can be viewed, managed and tracked

Automatically generates new serial numbers when requested

Stores all event and transaction information


Manage Hierarchies

Supports unlimited data hierarchies (e.g. units in cases, cases in pallets, pallets in containers, etc.)

Can support exponential increases in volume