rfXcel Ingredients Traceability (rIT):

The growing number of product issues due to counterfeit or contaminated raw materials and ingredients makes it critical for ingredients to be traced through the supply chain – from origin to finished goods. These issues have only highlighted the need by pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors to efficiently track and trace products, particularly raw ingredients.  Ingredients tracking requires the ability to track and trace materials and ingredients throughout various stages of the supply chain.  It is a critical step in protecting public health, improving patient safety, mitigating business risks, and improving profitability.

To protect your brand and ensure patient safety, you need to quickly determine ingredients, suppliers, batches, lots, and finished product involved in a product incident or recall.  Enter the rfXcel Ingredients Traceability™ (rIT) application.  rIT provides a comprehensive supply-side traceability solution, providing complete ingredients and raw materials tracking throughout the supply chain. rIT helps minimize the costs, exposure, and business disruptions of recalls, providing improved monitoring and extensive visibility into upstream inventory, quality and safety issues.


Get better insight into your supplier channel
Reduce risk and respond quicker to recalls
Flexible track and trace model for accurate data
Real-time authentication helps save time and reduce data entry errors
Optimize supply chain planning
Easily connect with trading partners for better visibility
Powerful search helps save time
Insightful alerts and exception handling
System flexibility to ensure data accuracy
You’re in total control
Gain peace of mind from a proven and reliable platform
Insightful audit trails
Powerful suite of applications can propel you ahead
Maintain control with EPCIS repository
Save time with flexible and automated reporting

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