rfXcel Finished Goods Traceability

The growing number of highly publicized product recalls and thefts has countries around the world enacting laws to protect patients and preserve the integrity of drugs across the pharmaceutical supply chain.  These issues have only highlighted the need by pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors to efficiently track and trace products.  Track and trace requires the ability to follow finished goods throughout the supply chain and is key to protecting against counterfeits, thefts and diversions, all while protecting public health, improving patient safety, mitigating business risks, and improving business competitiveness.

To protect your brand and ensure patient safety, you need to be able to quickly execute product recalls and identify counterfeit products, thefts and channel diversion.  Enter the rfXcel Finished Goods Traceability™ (rFGT) application.  rFGT provides a comprehensive demand-side traceability solution, providing forward and backward tracking of products through the supply chain. rFGT replaces manual and paper-based methods prone to error and eliminates hassles and concerns, providing extensive visibility into downstream inventories and locations.


Get better insight into your supply chain to protect against counterfeits
Quickly react to product recalls to minimize cost and disruption
Flexible track and trace model
Real-time product authentication improves patient safety
Manage risk through better operability and visibility
Optimize supply chain planning to maximize value for you….and your customers
Powerful search helps save time
Stay on top of your business with insightful alerts and exception handling
Flexibility to work with existing systems
You’re in total control
Gain peace of mind from a proven and reliable platform
Insightful audit trails helps save time
Powerful suite of applications to propel you ahead
Maintain control with EPCIS repository
Save time with flexible and automated reporting

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