The pharmaceutical industry is under constant scrutiny from government regulators to improve safety and compliance. All participants in the life sciences supply chain, including manufacturers, distributors, and retailers / dispensers must constantly add capabilities to their systems and processes to meet the latest regulatory and legislative hurdles.

With rapid globalization and increasingly porous borders, the pharmaceutical industry has also faced challenges from counterfeit products being introduced into the supply chain. As a result, new US and global laws have been enacted that require an authentic chain of custody for each pharmaceutical product throughout the supply chain. These laws are particularly challenging because of the number of products that need to be tracked as well as differing requirements posed by different regulatory mandates around the world.

rfXcel offers a suite of products to assist manufacturers, distributors and retailers / dispensers in improving the safety and security of their products and supply chains. rfXcel offers an application to enable complete traceability of ingredients and raw materials as well as finished goods traceability to the customer. In addition, rfXcel has an application to enable compliance with US and Global laws.