rfXcel delivers the most comprehensive, flexible and reliable track and trace and compliance solutions for the life sciences industry. While our solutions are targeted primarily to pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers, they are applicable to most supply chains, particularly those in the medical device and food and beverage industries.

rfXcel started with a clean slate and designed traceability, serialization and compliance applications with flexibility in mind to meet customers’ current and future needs. rfXcel’s suite of “battle tested” applications provide a host of necessary benefits that generate business value, create competitive advantage and improve patient and customer safety through enhanced supply chain visibility.

Connectivity and Collaboration for Interoperability

rfXchange™, rfXcel’s verified exchange network, is used by tens of thousands of trading partners and clinics daily to share compliance and traceability information. The unique event verification technology within rfXchange™ addresses the most critical issue in trading partner integration: data accuracy. Other network exchanges promise seamless connectivity, only to find inaccurate and unverified data passing between trading partners. rfXchange™ doesn’t just connect trading partners.  Leveraging the rfXcel Integration Server, rfXchange™ maps, translates and converts disparate data and systems to ensure data passed on the network is validated, verified and accurate, giving trading partners assurance they have data they can trust.

Validation and Total Control

The rfXcel solution is built on private cloud technology, which allows you to validate your own unique system and upgrade when you want, without the complexity, downtime and disruption to your business. Unlike other multi-tenant solutions running on public cloud technologies, rfXcel’s private cloud technology enables you to be on your own version of the rfXcel solution and is tailored to meet the unique specifications and requirements of each customer. There’s no application sharing or forced upgrades that can ultimately negate your validation, giving you more control, reliability and security.

Serialization for Enhanced Visibility

rfXcel provides unit-level serialization for enhanced visibility and control of product throughout the supply chain. The rfXcel Serialization Processing™ (rSP) solution creates, allocates and manages serial numbers in hierarchies, and can integrate with, and complement, any existing ERP system. rfXcel’s unique matching technology validates serial numbers so there are no duplicates or errors in any of the serialization rules or logic, giving customers peace of mind knowing errors will be mitigated.

Traceability and Insight

The rfXcel Traceability System™ (rTS) helps customers get better visibility into their supply chain by providing both demand-side (finished goods all the way down to the patient) and supply-side (ingredients to finished goods) track and trace insight. The rfXcel solution provides tangible benefits which help minimize counterfeits and product recall issues, simplify inventory management, and ultimately improve patient safety.

Compliance and Peace of Mind

rfXcel has become the most trusted and comprehensive solution for compliance with US DSCSA and global regulations. rfXcel does the compliance work for you, minimizing compliance hassles and concerns while getting rid of other time-consuming tasks prone to error.


rfXcel applications are built on a rock-solid technology platform and transaction engine already trusted by thousands of customers and trading partners. You can rest assured knowing you’re using a proven, reliable system.