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Environmental Monitoring Software (IoT)

Cut the Cost with Real-Time Visibility to your Critical Shipments

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industry has one of the most complex and highly regulated supply chains systems. Ensuring the safety, quality and timely delivery of products can be a life or death concern. The costs associated with these efforts are rising and it’s becoming harder to proactively monitor the supply chain without innovation and technology. rfxcel addresses these supply chain challenges with its investment into IoT technology for the Environmental Monitoring Software. Based on the latest IoT (Internet of Things) technology, rfxcel enables live monitoring of products in the supply chain. With this technology, companies can now take corrective action in real time instead of discovering the issue after it is too late. The real-time nature of rfxcel Environmental Monitoring provides the opportunity for cost savings and competitive differentiations. rfxcel Environmental Monitoring provides a rich set of monitoring capabilities to track a diverse set of industry needs. Examples of this include not only temperature monitoring but also:

  • Geo-Fencing to ensure that shipments do not deviate from predetermined routes or shipping/receiving locations
  • Device Jamming to detect if the signal is being intentionally blocked as a first step to diversion
  • Light Monitoring (for visible and invisible light waves) to ensure that a sealed container is not opened until it arrives at the point of destination
rfxcel Environmental Monitoring Features:
  • On-demand and real-time product monitoring at any place and time
  • Monitoring of serialized products from unit level to pallet
  • Live monitoring of traceable inputs such as:
    • Temperature (ambient and remote with temperature probes)
    • Tilt
    • Shock/Vibration
    • Humidity
    • Light
    • Jamming
    • Location
    • Speed
    • Pressure
    • Motion
    • Moisture/Humidity
  • Data logging, saving, and predicting based on preference and need
  • Configurable thresholds to customize alerts according to the product and needs of the organization

Companies use rfxcel Environmental Monitoring to enhance their safety and compliance procedures, assist in supply chain planning and improve visibility to the status shipments. Our mission is to give organizations real-time insights into their supply chain process to increase efficiency and reduce costs due to damaged or lost goods.

About rfxcel Solutions  
rfxcel is committed to supporting industry standards. Our software is designed according to the internationally accepted ANSI/ISA S95 standard. This enables an efficient solution that integrates with external packaging equipment, line controllers, and central repositories via standard interfaces for seamless communication. This architecture ensures seamless information exchange with all partners in the supply chain.

From its early beginning, rfxcel’s Supply Chain & Traceability Software was developed with a core design principle for information flow; “No Garbage In means No Garbage Out”. rfxcel continuously monitors incoming data to ensure data quality. This focus on the quality of the data entering into our solution minimizes issues when reporting to downstream partners and agencies.

Our software is deployed to customers via a private cloud that is dedicated to that individual customer. This provides our customers with full control of their environment. Customer software instances are not automatically updated without a customer’s approval. There is no forced upgrade. The customer can determine what upgrades to accept, and when these upgrades should be applied. rfxcel's private cloud approach allows customers to validate and test their upgrades in accordance with the customer’s quality standards.

rfxcel is here to provide the industry the solution that best fits their needs and requirements. For more information and a 30-minute demo please contact us.