• FDA Updates DSCSA Guidance for Dispensers

    Enforcement of Product Tracing Requirements Now Delayed until March 1, 2016

  • rfXcel Invited to Sit on Panel at Verizon ThingSpace IoT Event

    October 28, San Francisco

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  • rfXcel Brings Industry’s Most Powerful Serialization and Track & Trace Solution to Market

    Serialization Software Backbone Validated by Customers Preparing for Brazilian Regulations

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  • Simple. Easy. Fast.

    We take the pain out of DSCSA compliance for dispensers.

    The FDA will begin enforcing new DSCSA dispenser regulations March 1, 2016. Don't delay - start planning for your solution today!

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    We take the pain out of DSCSA compliance for dispensers.
  • Control and Visibility

    Track and trace DSCSA and global compliance software in the private cloud for the life sciences industry to improve patient safety and business results. Fully validate your system and upgrade when you want to, not when you’re told.

  • rfXcel SNAP Removes DSCSA Pain Points

    rfXcel makes DSCSA compliance a snap with new product for pharmaceutical retailers & dispensers

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rfXcel Traceability System

The Right Cloud Solution for Life Science Customers

A comprehensive fully-integrated suite of applications designed to give end-to-end visibility to your supply chain. Track, trace and comply with government regulations like DSCSA.



Comprehensive DSCA and global compliance, management solutions all in one integrated platform to meet the most complex regulations.



Create and manage unlimited serial numbers in any ERP environment with ease to gain enhanced visibility and control of product throughout the supply chain. Manage complex data hierarchies.



Get visibility up and down the supply chain by tracking ingredients and finished goods. Verify products, minimize counterfeits and recall issues, manage theft, and improve patient safety.



Use rfXchange™ to connect securely and seamlessly with trading partners in any data format. Gain confidence knowing data passed on the network is validated, verified and accurate.

Proven and Trusted by the Pharmaceutical Industry

Applications built for the most stringent pharmaceutical environments, but applicable for the majority of supply chains

Your business is unique. Your software should be too. We understand your challenges. Get flexible solutions that are built to meet your needs.

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A battle-tested platform trusted by the leading life sciences companies across the supply chain.

“We found rfXcel to be very knowledgeable in compliance, highly responsive to our needs, and very easy to work with.”

“Without rfXcel, it would have been very challenging to be ahead of the curve and be a front runner in supporting our existing customers and potential new customers in meeting these aggressive DSCSA timelines.”

“Ensuring that our product is appropriately serialized, tracked and traced throughout our supply chain, so that the right product reaches the right geographic destination, and that our practices are compliant with all China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) requirements, necessitates implementing a sophisticated serialization and traceability solution. We chose rfXcel's rTS system based on its rich functionality, data accuracy, and ease of integration with our existing systems and within our supply chain, using rfXchange™.”

“We believe that their (rfXcel) private cloud technology provides us with the benefits of Cloud computing and enables us to exercise the control over our processes and scheduling that we require today.”

"The compliance requirements for pharmaceutical distributors can be quite taxing for distributors and manufacturers, yet any failure to comply, no matter how small, creates enormous risks."

“After a careful evaluation, we selected rfXcel for its comprehensive compliance features and its ease of use.”

“They (rfXcel) were able to get us up and running quickly and have provided us with excellent technical support.”

“We selected rfXcel’s system based on its robust set of features that will meet our needs as a re-packager.”

“When we checked their references, we were impressed with their commitment to satisfying customers - this made us very comfortable with our decision.”