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Supply Chain Visibility Software

Track and Trace any products across the supply chain with rfxcel Supply Chain Visibility Software

Today, companies must communicate with various trading partners across global boundaries. Maintaining visibility and control over this supply chains continue to increase in scope and complexity. rfxcel addresses these complexities with rfxcel Supply Chain Visibility Software. Built on top of our robust Track and Trace platform, rfxcel Supply Chain Visibility Software module provides full visibility of the product supply chain: from the incorporation of ingredients used in the manufacturing process to the distribution of the final product to the end consumer. Companies use rfxcel Supply Chain Visibility Software to monitor the movement of products across the supply chain. All raw materials going into a finished product flow through different channels. Tracing the ownership changes and documenting the events based on industry and regulatory requirements is of utmost importance to the safety of the consumers. rfxcel Supply Chain Visibility Software assures the highest possible visibility for both Ingredients and Finished Goods reporting.

Traceability Benefits and Features:
Extensive Track and Trace Capabilities:
  • Full Traceability – Tracking is simplified with rfxcel Supply Chain Visibility Software which allows users to drill down through the details of an event to identify all products associated with a Transaction. rfxcel also supports reverse lookups to display historical events that occurred against a product. Combined, these features provide companies with 360 degrees view their data.
  • Roll Back – In spite of the best data verification rules, incorrect data can be received by trading partners. An effective and flexible solution must facilitate rolling back or voiding of events from the supply chain partners at any point. rfxcel Supply Chain Visibility Software enables successive roll back of events until all invalid events are backed out.
  • Workflow Management – rfxcel Supply Chain Visibility Software offers standard workflow management options for effectively creating and managing tasks and requests between authorized users.
  • Flexible Data Input – An effective Track and Trace solution depends on trading partners getting data into the system. rfxcel Supply Chain Visibility Software supports all standard integration protocols and a broad range of data formats. Partners with limited IT infrastructure can report via our web-based Traceability portal.
Flexible Search Features:
  • Custom Searches – User can define and save custom search conditions to simplify recurring tasks. Users can create custom searches for a facility, product, date range, lot number, event type, status or many other conditions.
  • “Bottom Up” Search by Items – rfxcel Supply Chain Visibility Software allows users to search and assess the state of an individual product and view the full history of the item. This can include the raw materials used to manufacture the product as well as the life cycle of the product (e.g. manufacturing information, packaging information, shipping, and transportation information).
  • “Top Down” Search by Events – rfxcel Supply Chain Visibility Software allows searching across Events (e.g. Manufacture, Pack, Ship, Receive, etc.) This “Top Down” search provides summarized information regarding all products within this Event. Additional drill down can be performed to see additional Track and Trace history regarding any item in the result.
Rich Reporting:
  • Ad Hoc Reporting – Customers can generate a broad range of reports based on user-defined search conditions; allowing users to quickly zero in on information that is relevant to them.
  • Cluster Maps – rfxcel Supply Chain Visibility Software enable customers to view the location, count and status of their products on a geographical map. This provides quick insight into the state of products at various locations (e.g. manufacturing sites, CMO/CPO locations, 3PL warehouses, etc.)
  • Facility and Inventory Reporting – Users can generate reports to view both summary and detailed information regarding products by Lot and individual serialized items for each facility.
  • Dashboard & Graphical Views – rfxcel Supply Chain Visibility Software provides a representation of data in a graphical format to quickly assess the state of products or to identify trends in inventory.
Auditable Data Repository:
  • Transaction Audits – rfxcel Supply Chain Visibility Software captures and stores all serialization data sent from the site level systems. Full transaction history of all serialized items and events are maintained. This includes not only receipt of data but any voiding or reprocessing of events.
  • Master Data Audits – Any change to master data is fully audited with before and after information, as well as time and user ID.
About rfxcel Solutions
rfxcel is committed to supporting industry standards. Our software is designed according to the internationally accepted ANSI/ISA S95 standard. This enables an efficient solution that integrates with external packaging equipment, line controllers, and central repositories via standard interfaces for seamless communication. This architecture ensures seamless information exchange with all partners in the supply chain.

From its early beginning, rfxcel’s Supply Chain Visibility Software was developed with a core design principle for information flow; “No Garbage In means No Garbage Out”. rfxcel continuously monitors incoming data to ensure data quality. This focus on the quality of the data entering into our solution minimizes issues when reporting to downstream partners and agencies.

Our software is deployed to customers via a private cloud that is dedicated to that individual customer. This provides our customers with full control of their environment. Customer software instances are not automatically updated without a customer’s approval. There is no forced upgrade. A customer can determine what upgrades to accept, and when these upgrades should be applied. rfxcel's private cloud approach allows customers to validate and test their upgrades in accordance with the customer’s quality standards.

rfxcel is here to provide the industry the solution that best fits their needs and requirements. For more information and a 30-minute demo please contact us.